Cooked acetified PDO must for sale

we produce and sell cooked acetified must (PDO) for Traditional balsamic vinegar of Modena, in compliance with the official production guidelines (Official Gazette No. 124 of 30/05/2000).

Sugar concentration 18/20 babo – Total acidity 9/10 degrees.acetaia-dei-bago-mostoa-acetificato
cooked must is the main ingredient to produce Balsamic vinegar. Without cooked must, only simple condiments are obtained. It is made from our Trebbiano grapes grown in the province of Modena (P.D.O.) and in the hills of Castelvetro. Saccharomyces cerevisiae yeasts allow its fermentation and being significantly glucophilic, they prevent a future crystallization from taking place.
Resting in barrels of precious woods and thanks to the use of selected yeasts and acetic bacteria cultures, a naturally acetified cooked must is obtained. This is perfect for topping up casks, to balance the acidity and to start-up new batteries which will get much sooner the special scents and aromas typical of the secular tradition of traditional balsamic vinegar of Modena.

the cooked acetified must by Acetaia dei Bago has the right acidity and contains. the fundamental acetic bacteria, essential to give your vinegar precious scents and the typical balsamic flavor. For this reason it is a true guarantee for those who want to produce an excellent balsamic vinegar.

Acetaia dei Bago is proud to offer its high quality cooked must to all producers who want to produce an authentic traditional balsamic vinegar, without the addition of any other vinegar. In a few words, it is perfect for those who do not intend to compromise on quality.