Traditional Balsamic Vinegar of Modena TBVM

aceto-balsamico-di-modena-DOP-acetaia-dei-bago-vignola-07According to the disciplinary established by the official Consortium, the Traditional Balsamic Vinegar of Modena is available in two aging versions:

• Aged: 12 years of aging (red capsule)
• Extravecchio: 25 years of aging (gold capsule)


To reach that precious balance of flavors and aromas that make this product so precious, traditional Balsamic Vinegar must age minimum 12 or 25 years and only then it can obtain the prestigious Protected Designation of Origin.

Thanks to its fine fragrances, bright color and intense aroma, balsamic vinegar can enhance the taste of many recipes, from the most sophisticated menu, to very simple dishes .
We recommend using the product always raw, on cooked dishes, directly on parmesan cheese, on boiled meat, even on fish recipes. We cannot forget to mention one of the most famous uses of balsamic vinegar, i.e. on strawberries and on ice cream.
Unlike some typical products which are quite rich in calories, balsamic vinegar is a genuine product often recommended in diets, even to replace oil.
It ‘s also ideal as a digestive after a meal

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