Cherries of Vignola IGP

ciliegie-cestoIn our farm we produce and sell top quality cherries of various varieties such as duroni and cherries of Vignola

During the month of June a big party takes place in our farm in a special atmosphere as the whole family, children and friends, are involved in the cherry harvest.

We enjoy these moments together with our friends and taste this delicious fruit directly from the tree.
Anyone who wishes to join us and have fun harvesting the cherries, may contact us and we will be happy to have you as a guest. Anyone can come and harvest the cherries with us!.

cestini_per_ciliegieThe National Association “City of cherries” founded in June 2003, arranges a contest “Cherries in Italy” yearly during the National Holiday “Cherries of Italy” taking place in a new location every year. The top prize went to the cherries of Vignola in the years 2005 at Celleno (VT), in 2006 in Orvieto (TR) and in 2009 at Bracigliano (SA). These awards confirm its excellent quality among all other cherries, a high quality reputation this fruit has maintained over the years.
The combination of these factors has lead the consumers to designate the cherry of this area as the Vignola Cherry.

Production area

The cherries are grown in the area at the base of the hills stretching from the Panaro river and other smaller watercourses, from 30 meters above sea level up to an altitude of 950 meters. The production areas include the following communes in the provinces of Modena and Bologna:
1) In the Province of Modena Castelfranco Emilia, Castelnuovo Rangone, Castelvetro di Modena, Guiglia, Lama Mocogno, Marano sul Panaro, Modena, Montese, Pavullo nel Frignano, San Cesario sul Panaro, Savignano sul Panaro, Serramazzoni, Spilamberto, Vignola, Zocca ;
2) In the Province of Bologna Bazzano, Casalecchio, Castel d’Aiano, Castello di Serravalle, Crespellano, Gaggio Montano, Marzabotto, Monte S. Pietro, Monteveglio, Sasso Marconi, Savigno, Vergato, Zola Predosa.


The official “Cherry of Vignola” must fulfil the below quality requirements:
– Consistent and crunchy pulp, with the exception of the variety Mora di Vignola;
– Skin always shining , bright red and yellow colour for the variety Durone della Marca, while all other varieties are bright red tending to dark red;
– Sweet and fruity taste;
– Brix degrees should not be lower than 10 ° for the early varieties and 12 ° for all the others;
– Malic acid from 5 to 10 g / l .
In relation to the cherry variety, the following sizes are required:

  • 20 mm: Mora di Vignola
  • 21 mm: Durone dell’Anella, Giorgia, Durone Nero II, Durone della Marca, Sweet Heart
  • 22mm: Bigarreau Moreau, Lapins, Van
  • 23 mm: Durone Nero I, Anellone, Samba, Ferrovia.